A little about me

I realized that I never actually did a proper introduction to me and to this site… Well here goes nothing…

Hi! Im Michelle, i’m 25 years old. I’m currently a Massage Therapist working at the sweetest place on earth; The Hershey Hotel. I love what I do and where I work but, ever since I could remember I loved to bake. A lot of my inspiration comes from recipes I’ve found on Pinterest. Pinterest has been a huge help for and for finding recipes I love and giving me ideas. If I’m stuck on something, I go there. Over the past couple of years my love for baking has really shown. I love to bake even if there isn’t any special occasion. I would love to one day actually open up a little bakery, but unfortunately my anxiety gets the best of me and I freak out about running it. If I wanted to make it work I would need someone to actually do the business side of it and sort of run it for me. One day at a time right? If its meant to be, it will happen.

I also have four kitties that I love with all my heart. My oldest is all black, he’s seventeen and his name is Clover. He was born on St. Patricks day under the couch in my parents house. Clovers momma is still very near and dear to my heart. Her name was Angel, unfortunately, we had to put her down last year. I also have a cat named Abby. She’s about twelve. And then I also have two other cats that are sisters. I got them on New Years Day and they’ll be a year old in October.

Sports are a huge part of my life. My favorite is of course Hockey, lets go flyers! If I were to stick with doing massage, massaging the Flyers (Honestly any team, even including the penguins) would be a dream! I love massages and I love what they can do for people and where they can take you. I only just wish that people where more educated on massages.

So basically I wanted to make this blog to see where it takes me and where it could take me. So thank you for clicking, make sure to subscribe 😉


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