NYC Trip

Who doesn’t love food? I love eating sweets and everything and anything that is bad for you. Now, I do limit myself to those foods, but some days, I just indulge. Last Thursday, that is what I did. I went to NYC with one of my best friends / coworkers. We got there at 1030am and didn’t leave till about 830pm. I’m actually surprised that we 1. didn’t kill each other and 2. that we made it to and from okay. We literally walked 8miles and I happened to gain 4lbs and hated myself the next day.

First stop when we got to NYC was The Doughnut Project. This was a small donut shop and they had some donuts that were not “traditional”. We stopped here because Sarah wanted their Prosecco donut. It looked beautiful. That particular donut was a miss for me because, I couldn’t really taste the Prosecco and also I so badly wanted to have my bite where the decoration was, which I could have done without. I on the other hand went with a simple Maple Bacon Donut. The donut itself was good, the bacon was good, the frosting, was just a little too sweet. Don’t get me wrong, I love sweet things but I felt like it could have used some lemon to cut the sweetness. I do wish that I had gone with the ‘Those Beetz are dope’ donut, which is filled with a ricotta whip and a beet glaze on top.

Next up was . Which is an edible cookie dough place. They include pasteurized eggs and heat treated flour, which makes it edible. Again, I went super simple and got a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough in a red velvet cone. It tasted just like actual cookie dough. The cone itself was eh. It wanted something crunchy and it just did not deliver. It almost tasted stale. I had seen a video on Facebook of people waiting two hours to get their cookie dough, we waited in line for about 20minutes. Would I wait any longer than that? No. I also don’t think it’s worth the hype. Yes cookie dough is delicious, but I couldn’t even eat the whole thing. I originally wanted to get two scoops of two different flavors, thank god I didn’t!


After that we went to Pietro NoLita for some actual food. Anyone who knows me knows that I strongly dislike the color pink. What color was this literally almost everything in this restaurant? Freaking Pink!! The outside actually annoyed me more than the color. The outside of the building is pink, there is a door that doesn’t lead to the restaurant that is spray painted with hearts that are different shades of pink. Almost everyone (expect us) stopped to do a photoshoot on their damn phones and all those people didn’t go inside to eat. If I was a business owner that would annoy me. NBC NYC was filming a segment so you’ll probably see us on TV. My pasta was a little under cooked. I honestly wouldn’t go back because it’s not a “me” kind of place. I can’t judge the drink I got because I hate sangrias and I got a sangria. I know, I’m weird.

Then we made our way to the upper east side and unfortunately we didn’t mean any rich men. We went for alcoholic ice cream at Tipsy Scoop. Let me tell you, that I would probably wait an hour for ice cream. Or anything that will get me day drunk. I had to be selfish and get a flight all to myself. I regret that because I couldn’t eat it all. The four flavors I had gotten were, Mint Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean Bourbon, and Cake Batter Vodka Martini. I really really wanted Maple Bacon Bourbon but of course they were out. Anyways, the mint chocolate chip was probably my favorite. Not sure of what liquor was in there but I would guess creme de menthe. I couldn’t taste the liquor but that didn’t stop me from eating the whole thing. I ate most of the dark chocolate one next. The other two weren’t really my thing. But let me tell you, the longer they sat, the more you could taste the liquor in them. Yum!


Then we met up with my sister who lives in NYC and she brought me cupcakes from Prohibition Bakery. Well I had them delivered to her and she brought them to me. Years ago I was looking at cupcake books in Barnes and Noble and came across their book and ever since then I wanted to go to their bakery. Unfortunately they have closed their store front but still deliver to the area. I got 12 cupcakes, 6 different kinds. I didn’t have a say in the flavors I got. My favorite was probably the Pretzel and Beer one.


Anyways, we did some other things around the city that didn’t pertain to food. It was a fun experience, I’m happy we didn’t kill each other. We might kill each other in October when we got to Pittsburgh, to see my favorite country singer Tim McGraw and, his wife Faith Hill. I can’t wait to go back to the big apple for some food.


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